Make an appointment before going to MOM Services Centre

" Thinking of heading to the MOM Services Centre to seek help for employment-related matters? Book an appointment now through! "

From 16 December 2013, MOM Services Centre has introduced the revamped online appointment system to reduce waiting time and help customers avoid making wasted trips.

  • The enhanced online appointment booking system will filter appointment applications and highlight alternative channels that customers can turn to for their enquiries. Heading down to MOM Services Centre will then be a last option, saving time and effort for many customers!

  • Helping more customers resolve their issues online not only cuts down on unnecessary visits, it also means that about 85% of customers with appointments could be served within half an hour!

Customers with these issues can now make appointments online and visit the MOM Services Centre at their own convenience:

  • Salary and employment related claims

  • Resignation or Work Permit cancellation disputes with an employer or worker

So before you head down to MOM Services Centre, make sure you go through for a fuss-free visit from 16 December 2013!

Update: From 28 April 2014, you can also use to sign up for appointments at the Employment Pass Services Centre!

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